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As demand for education programs in New Zealand has been on the rise, the number of people seeking admission to the universities in New Zealand has also gone up. However, one particular aspect of the admission procedure has been found to be harder than what most aspirants have originally intended—statement of purpose or cover letter.

We have been labouring hard, day in and day out creating impeccable statements of purpose for student visa New Zealand. This has helped us support numerous students with diverse academic backgrounds and career aspirations and provide them with befitting covering letter for student visa application just the way they would love.

As we have years of experience in offering all the required support to the students when it comes to crafting the most impressive and original covering letter for New Zealand student visa, BCW never disappoints any of our clients, ever. We persistently strive to create statements that not only impress the admission committee but also significantly improve the chances of admission of the students.

BCW understands each student and their aspirations are unique to his/her motivations. We play around these ideas to craft statements that are engaging, insightful and assertive of the candidate’s aspirations.

With the statement of purpose for New Zealand that we create for you, you can face the biggest challenge of securing admission at your best institute in the New Zealand confidentially because we make sure that it contains every detail that the selection panel expects to see. Moreover, it will be engaging to read from the first line to the last one. 

Why Selecting BCW is the Best Choice

As a professional agency that offers impeccably value-adding covering letter for New Zealand students, we never resort to dwindling qualities and styles of writing. Instead, we have adopted a wide range international quality systems and techniques to always create covering letters for a range of purposes such as student visa, tourist visa and many others. You can check the sample covering letter for immigration officer in New Zealand to understand our writing quality and style. Apart from that, our affordability and client-centeredness will also sure impress you like it did many of our clients.

Our excellence in the field of SOP writing is due to our team work and the finest contribution each member in the team makes, from writer to the quality inspection expert. We understand that you are coming to us for the best sop for New Zealand, hence we take up your order with due seriousness, giving precision and perfection to every aspect of it.

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Leverage your academic potential with holistic statements of purpose written by us and carrying the assurance of sure-shot admission in your desired institution in New Zealand.

BCW’s New Zealand Covering Letter Features

As one of the most professional covering and admission letter writing agencies in the market, our service offerings feature the following matchless traits;

What information should your SOP for New Zealand contain?

Having decided to pursue higher education in New Zealand, choosing the right institute and course, the next important thing to look into is writing a comprehensive statement of purpose focusing on relevant information about yourself. Wondering what information to include in the SOP? Well, the answer is quite simple. Tell the admission committee what they want to know about you through your SOP. Here are a few useful SOP for New Zealand tips that will help you pick up the right information to include in your writeup.

Your academic background

You must write in your essay what courses you have completed so far and what relevance they have to the particular program you are going to do in New Zealand.

Your future plans after course completion

What you intend to do after completing the course in New Zealand and how you are making use of the skills, experience, and exposure you gain from the course.

Why New Zealand and this particular institute

Selection committee will be particularly interested in knowing why you have chosen New Zealand and in particular their institution for the pursuit of your higher education program. Give valid reasons. Do enough research about the program details and how the institute’s and country’s specific features are going to benefit to your career and future aspirations.

Non-academic areas you are interested in

Unlike in the past, many institutions today prefer students with impressive social skills, good personality and character, apart from the academic excellence. So, you must talk about these areas in your writeup.

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Covering these specific areas in appropriate SOP for New Zealand formats will add value and appeal to your essay. Remember to stay within the recommended word limit and put all these points in the right context, not letting any sentence look out of place or incoherent.

Guidelines for sop for New Zealand student visa

In the recent surveys, New Zealand has got placed among the top ten countries for higher education. This has led to a surge in the number of applicants to various universities and colleges in the country. Getting New Zealand student visa is not easy as the visa issuing authority of the country has set certain limit in the number of visas to be granted each year. If you want to secure your student visa in the first attempt itself, it is necessary to make it perfect. Address the following mandatory areas in your SOP for New Zealand student visa.

Write a good introduction

Write a comprehensive introduction covering areas like your background, reason for writing the visa SOP, name of the university you are going to study, course details, joining date, passport number etc.

Eligibility, background and experience

Mention what eligibility, experience or academic background you have in order to do the mentioned course.

Write your purpose clearly

State why you want to study in New Zealand clearly in your SOP. Why not India or other countries like USA or Australia or other top listed countries despite same course availability there.

Future plans/career goals

How you think the course will help you for your future and career. Explain it in the context of both your short term and long-term goals.

Financial background

Mention how you are going to manage the course expenditure and your stay while pursuing the course there.


If there is any other information that you think would support your student visa application to New Zealand, write them in the conclusion. Conclude by saying that you will adhere by the country’s law and order and at best behaviour of yourself throughout your stay and thanking the visa issuing authority.

Crafting your statement of purpose for New Zealand student visa addressing the aforementioned areas is important to make it look perfect and tailored for the purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to write a winning student visa sop for New Zealand, one must make sure that it addresses all important areas such as reasons for studying in New Zealand, eligibility for doing the course, financial details, future plans etc. On top of that, the writeup must be written in a standard format, without any grammatical or spelling errors.

The introduction should give the reader a clear idea about what the student is going to talk about. Make sure to write the opening sentence in such a way that it creates curiosity in the reader to read further. Depending on the course you are choosing to study, write how your interest in the subject got ignited. Your introduction should match and justify all information you give in the rest of the paragraphs.

First of all, check with your institute and verify if they have asked you to use any specific SOP for New Zealand formats and use the recommended one. If no mention of any particular format, you can use any standard format, for instance font: Times New Roman, size: 11 or 12, length: about two pages in single space.

If no specific word count/length instruction is given by your applying institute, you can keep it between 1000 and 1500 words or approximately two pages. 

Conclude your SOP by giving a brief summary of the main content or points you discussed in the essay and with a call to action. If you are writing the statement of purpose for New Zealand student visa, conclude by thanking the visa issuing authority and assuring that you will adhere by the law and order of the place and in the best of your behaviour. 

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