Whether it is for the PhD in English literature or Economics, SOP is quite essential to impress the selection committee and secure your seat in the college. What constitutes the best SOP for PhD? Almost all students ask. Having helped hundreds of students to write statement of purpose for various courses and universities, our professional writers have identified a few basis steps to use for effective SOP writing service

Be unique in your writing

The first rule to follow while writing PhD SOP is to make it unique. It is easier said than done. Once you begin writing, you will realize how hard it is. However, don’t give up.

Be true to yourself

They say it is okay to tell white lies but never in the sop for PhD. Since you are accompanying your SOP with a several other supporting documents, there are ample chances for your selection officer to determine if a point you said about yourself in the writeup is true or not.

Use simple language

As a PhD aspirant, you may be tempted to use highly advanced and sophisticated vocabularies, expressions etc. in your SOP so as to show your language efficiency and to impress the committee. Our association with several students to this date make us realize one thing. It is not about using advanced vocabulary that matters in Statement of purpose for PhD but how it communicates the message. When you use simple language in your SOP, your messages won’t get lost.

Keep your SOP word count within the limit

If the applying institution has stipulated a word count to adhere to in the PhD SOP, follow that. If no guidelines are given with regard to the word count, don’t exceed 1000 words. Once you have finished writing your essay, read it multiple times and ensure that it contains no mistakes, adheres to the correct format and structure and is smooth to read.

Statement of purpose for PhD Programs

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Why Should You Get the PhD SOP Samples from BCW?

  • It helps you understand the quality of the SOP written by us
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While these two reasons are worthy enough for the way you choose to get your SOP, it is important that you give your best short while drafting your SOP for PhD. Since you will potentially be competing with numerous candidates from across the world, it is only befitting that you get your SOP for PhD written from an experienced place.

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Compared to other types of statement of purpose, the PhD SOP is relatively different and more challenging to write. It covers one’s academic and professional achievements in detail, written in much sophisticated tone. By following an appropriate SOP format, one has to ensure that the flow of the contents is smooth and engaging. Given to the serious nature of the PhD SOP, one cannot afford to make mistakes in this and it is essential to review it several times before submission. By hiring BCW, you don’t have to worry about all these things. We can craft a good and impactful PhD Sop that captures the attention of the admission officer instantly. For further details about our content writing services, contact us here.

Sample SOP for PHD

  PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

Rowan University, USA


Ever been inspired to contribute to science and research due to my inquisitive trait of seeking answers to baffling questions, I wish to take my understanding of the chemical structures of different materials to a different plane and add strength to the innovative technological developments happening in diverse industries. As the present world is teeming with novel gadgets and devices, the challenge to create them most efficiently has warranted the rising demand for improved materials. The field of materials science and engineering would push me to the creative front, and in my vision to be at the forefront of exciting discoveries, I gauged that pursuing a PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering at Rowan University would be advantageous.

Having acquired strong analytical skills and logical thinking abilities since my schooling, my propensity towards the subjects of mathematics and physics has enabled me to complete both my Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of physics. My undergraduate journey at Miranda House College enabled me to fathom the wonderful aspects of modern science and I pondered over the prospects of utilizing the concepts of quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular physics, advanced electronics, advanced solid state physics, electronic devices etc in everyday reality to improve the effectiveness of human work. My unending passion for physics was reflected in my participation in physics society and summer training in Experimental Physics 2014. This platform rendered me an opportunity to venture out of classroom thinking, which provided an insight into the areas of nuclear physics and materials science.

Further, the master’s degree marked the culmination of gaining extended knowledge and propelled me towards the path of invention and innovation. While I supplemented my knowledge base with the underlying principles and properties of semiconductors, superconductors and magnetic materials as well as understood the application of piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials, my unquenchable thirst for analysing their practicality swept me off the ground to explore in-depth. With the research experience of leading a project of fabricating a conical pendulum using stepper motor and microprocessor programming during my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to fuel my interests in materials science by undertaking a project on ‘Giant enhancement in ferroelectric polarization under illumination.’

Realizing the importance of data science in research and analysis, I invested considerable amount of time acquiring technical skills in the field during the covid pandemic. I completed a course on ‘Python for Data

Science’ followed by an 8 month internship at EXL Services India. During my training, I had the opportunity to be a part of the projects ‘Customer Segmentation/Acquisition’ and ‘Estimation of Commission Payouts’. My responsibilities included data collection, processing, and transformation, model development and tuning, data visualisation for leadership to comprehend and formulate strategies, model evaluation, and accuracy improvisation. I am confident that this exposure would greatly benefit my future research projects.

My desire to pursue research stemmed from these academic exposures and with the overarching importance of functional polymer materials in adding momentum to bettering the lives of individuals through technology, I aim to concentrate on the area of soft condensed matter. With the different properties they exhibit at the mesoscopic and macroscopic scale, I intend to discern the relationship of mesoscopic length scales in deciding the macroscopic properties through the PhD program at Rowan University. While pursuing my master’s I had come across the research papers “Effective interactions in soft condensed matter” and “Introduction to molecular dynamics simulations: Applications in hard and soft condensed matter physics”. These research works had greatly fascinated me and through further investigations, I was able to learn about soft condensed matter in detail. Through my studies I was able to grab a firm hold of topics like mesoscopic modelling, dissipative particle dynamics, hydrodynamics of star polymers and so on. I am sure that pursuing the PhD program from Rowan University will allow me to expand my spectrum of knowledge in soft condensed matter and my research will certainly produce applicable results.

The PhD program offered by Rowan University is dynamic and has an optimal blend of theoretical perspectives and research oriented approach. I am aware that as a PhD scholar, I will have to complete 72 hours of coursework, research credits and a dissertation thesis. Furthermore, I will be able to learn in detail about Kinetics of Materials, Structure, Symmetry and Properties of Materials, and Experimental Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering. The curriculum has a transdisciplinary framework that allows students to explore and realise their research goals in a variety of ways, from foundational theoretical study through practical device fabrication to sophisticated industrial processes. The opportunity to take up research under established faculty members like Tabbetha Dobbins, PhD and Vince Beachely, PhD is highly valuable. I was amazed by Prof. Dobbins’ recent research work ‘Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Hydrogen Dynamics for Nanoconfined NaAlH4’.

Rowan University is an educational leader in modern academics. The institution is placed at 187 th position according to the National University Ranking- US News & World Report 2021. Moreover, Rowan University has a history that dates back to 1923. The institution offers

advanced research laboratories and other research facilities like Center for Research and Education. This impressive research infrastructure is one of the major reasons for selecting Rowan University. The university also offers various career services and student support initiatives. The Department of Material Science and Engineering is one of the best in the country and the quality of faculty is an added advantage. Honestly, I cannot think of a better institution than Rowan to pursue my PhD.

The United States of America has the world’s largest academic community. Many international students seek to study in the United States for a variety of reasons, including high academic standards, a unique curriculum, a global perspective, and countless career opportunities. Many of the top schools in the world are located in the United States, and many of them consistently rank high in worldwide university rankings. Universities in the United States are also known for having high educational standards, strong quality-control methods, and a flexible educational structure.

After completing my PhD, I intend to work for the R&D department of major manufacturing companies in the US. I am confident that my research in soft condensed matter will be a groundbreaking one and will have a lot of practical applications. In the long run, I see myself undertaking more research in the field of material science. I firmly believe that the PhD from Rowan University will the cornerstone of my successful future career.

We constantly rely on the following traits of our service deliverance to churn out the best SOPs for PhD for our clients

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Our professional, yet amicable customer service: We like to keep our clients in the loop about the services that we offer; the status of the project; and to get the details we need. We also are always available to resolve all the concerns that a client might have when getting their SOPs for PhD written from us.

We are sure that if you look at the PhD samples we have written over the years, you will understand why we are one of the best in the business offering exceptional SOPs for PhD.

What makes the PhD SOP samples, sop mba samples from BCW superior?

Along with the unique service traits that we have made a part of our service propositions, we work hard relentlessly during the execution of the project to make each SOP for PhD we write the best and provide the most valuable impression about the aspirant’s capabilities, personality traits, career aspirations and others.

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Each SOP for PhD that we write is:

  • Originally written and is unique to the client demanding it
  • Developed based on the inputs and insights gathered from the clients
  • Well-formatted to create the best impressions at the hand of the admission committee
  • Edited multiple times by the editors and proof-read
  • Ensured to have a narrative progression through all the ideas presented
  • Well researched and incorporated with suitable, impressive vocabulary
  • Evaluated through Copyscape for maximum uniqueness

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Why BCW and its SOP Writing Services?

Since getting admission to a PhD course in the preferred university is never a walk in the park, relying on a professional company who can guarantee an exceptional stamen of purpose is the key. As such, BCW has everything under our roof you expect a professional company to have. We have years of experience creating SOPs for not just PhDs but for all kinds of higher education. We have catered to the needs of the students from diverse academic backgrounds with distinct aspirations as well. We adhere to unique service quality levels to ensure that the clients always get the best support with all the projects. So, without a doubt, you can get the best sop for PhD if you order it from us.

Our PhD SOP Writing Service Proposition

BCW has associated with numerous students, professionals and executives who want PhD SOPs and we have helped them with our service offerings such as;

Picture of Anto Francis

Anto Francis

Anto Francis is an academic writer with about a decade of experience behind him. Before becoming a full-time writer with us, he worked as an English Language Instructor in the Republic of Maldives. During the tenure he had helped thousands of students globally with a wide array of documents including SOP, LOR, personal statement, motivation letter and admission essays.

If you need any guidance to obtain an impressive PhD SOP, hire BCW’s content writing services. To know more about the services and discuss your needs with our client support team, reach out to us now.

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