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Statement of Purpose or SOP is an integral part of the admission process, when one is applying for any course in a global educational institution. It is a crucial document, on the basis of which the admission authorities would make a concrete decision about the student who applied in their college or university. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a good SOP in place to successfully secure an admission in one’s chosen institution.

Having said that, an SOP is made up of several elements and one has to ensure that they are effectively covered when they develop the document of their own.

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There is a proper structure and certain tone that has to be followed. Before one begins the task of writing, it is however advisable to first check the SOP writing guidelines put forth by the respective college or university that they are applying to. It will help to stay on the right track and include those details alone which are essentially required.

With competition in every field, it is highly challenging to come up with an impactful SOP that will bring sure-shot results. While one would have confidently utilised their writing skills in developing the statement of purpose on their own, there might be chances of missing out certain vital information or using a wrong SOP format. In such case, it is better to rely on professional SOP editing services. The writing experts will know and understand where one has gone wrong and assist in modifying the SOP in an effective way. They will do careful sop proofreading to identify and rectify the flaws.

Comprehensive SOP Editing Services

As the most reliable SOP editing services in the industry, BCW has been catering to varying writing requirements of thousands of students from different backgrounds and subject fields over the years. We are expert in editing SOP format as suggested by the chosen college/university and develop contents that are unique and engaging.

The salient features of our SOP proofreading and editing services are: 

Quality of work

We don’t compromise on the quality of our work and that has been our success mantra for all these years. People term ours the best SOP editing services due to this very reason.

Deadlines are met without failure

Once the order for your statement of purpose editing is successfully placed, we will take every measure to ensure that you receive the completed work on time.

Reasonable pricing/plans

All our services are reasonably priced. We will be able to give you the exact price quote of our SOP proofreading services once you tell us your requirement.

Expert writers employed

We have highly efficient and experienced writers to craft out your SOP from the scratch or to proofread and edit pre-written works.

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Why Choose BCW’s Professional SOP Editing Services?

The Statement of Purpose has the power to either make or break the chances of securing an admission in one’s dream university. It is fair enough to develop an SOP of your own. However, by hiring professional SOP editing services will only enhance your SOP and make a better impression on the reader.  And if you are on the lookout for the best statement of purpose editing service, we are here at your disposal.

You don’t have to worry about anything when assigning the SOP developed by you to the experts. BCW is has been in the content writing industry for many years now; which helps to understand the admission criteria of different foreign universities in different countries. Our SOP editing services can be completely vouched for quality output and accuracy. Trust BCW to work on your SOP and edit it in accordance with your requirements.

As you consider hiring our best statement of purpose editing service, it may come to your attention “what we do to make your essays better”. We have a systematic editing strategy and experts to handle it with perfection. Essentially we standardize your essay on the basis of the following criteria.

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammatical Accuracy

Your statement of purpose is an academic document and therefore it shouldn’t contain any sort of mistakes. The first step is statement of purpose proofreading through which these sort of mistakes are identified and corrected.


In your SOP, you will be talking about a number of things such as your motivation, future plans, ambitions and so forth. It’s important to ensure clarity for all information you add in your essay.


Following the proofreading, the next step we do in our best statement of purpose editing service is bringing about a proper structure for your essay. We will check if your essay has a convincing introduction, logically placed main body paragraphs and a reiterating conclusion.

Word count

By our sop proofreading services, we will ensure that your SOP won’t go beyond the recommended word limit.

How To Order Professional SOP Editing?

BCW offers affordable SOP writing and editing services to students who wish to pursue higher education in foreign universities. If you have already written your essay and want to check its accuracy and authenticity, we are there to help you.  The step by step procedure to place order for our services and get the work done are listed below. 


Get in touch with us – via phone, email or the online form on our website and let us know your requirements.


We will get back to you with a few queries to clarify your requirements. We will quote you the price of our services when we do this.


Next step is placing the order by making the payment.


Once we confirm the receipt of your payment, we will assign your order to an expert to handle the statement of purpose proofreading and editing. The first draft will be sent to you within a couple of days for your review. You can go through it and give us your feedback.


If you are okay with the draft we sent you, we will proceed towards making the final copy. The final copy will be sent to you within three to four working days after you have placed your order.


We offer customer assistance. If you come across any doubts or need any clarification, our customer support team is there to take up your calls and clarify your doubts on all working.



If you have written down the statement of purpose on your own, congratulations! You have done a great job. However, there could be many mistakes that you may have overlooked. Those mistakes need to be eliminated. We step in at this juncture offering best sop editing services.

We are a team of professionals who do SOP writing, sop proofreading services and SOP editing. If you want us specifically to handle the SOP editing for you, all you need to do is to get in touch with us. We will walk you through the whole process without causing you any headaches. We assure you that we will make it much simpler and faster. 

It depends on the few things like the SOP length, programme specification, university or college and so forth. We maintain extreme transparency in our service charges. We will give you the exact amount to be paid before you place the order for our statement of purpose editing service.

We will be able to deliver you the completed work within three to four business days.

If you want to ensure hundred percent perfection in your SOP editing, there is only one way to get it done – get professional who can offer best statement of purpose editing service.

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