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Sample SOP for UK Universities

Statement of purpose forn United Kingdom Universities

Have a look at the following sample SOP for UK universities undergraduate, that our writers had crafted for one of our clients. This will help you understand how you should be working on your SOP

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You may also download this SOP for MS in electrical engineering pdf to assess how our Experienced Content writers developed each of the segments with care and professionalism. We can craft highly engaging and professional statements of purpose for students applying for these courses. Read this sample SOP for MS in electrical engineering to evaluate how to craft a successful statement of purpose.

Introduction (The applicant introduces the SOP in an engaging manner)

As a Certified SAP SI Consultant operating in India, I perceive accounting as a lucrative professional domain. I hail from a commerce background, which justifies my natural inclination towards accountancy. Channelizing my energies and knowledge towards professional shores, I would like to pursue MSc in Professional Accounting from Coventry University, UK. Given that I already have a specialized knowledge in Financial Accounting, I can seamlessly imbibe the specialized knowledge and leverage my career. In the process, I will gain a detailed insight on international business accountancy and tap my prospects in India. I have extensive experience in the industry, as I integrated myself into the professional circuit in 2010. Capitalizing on my experiences and opportunities, I aspire to craft a happening career for myself.

This sample SOP for UK universities postgraduate course starts off with a very specific qualification of the applicant. This is important from the point of view, that the admission committee would get to know the weight and profile of the candidate at the very outset. Besides, the passion and interests of the candidate are aligned perfectly. This is a direct approach, where the applicant conveys his intentions lucidly to the other end. At the same time,the writer has focused on the professional experience of the candidate. If you note, you will notice that the initial paragraph focusses on several aspects relevant to the profile of the applicant. This gives a comprehensive idea regarding the applicant’s background and professional goals. A compelling Free SOP sample for UK universities postgraduate lures the reader to go deeper into the document.

The initial paragraph naturally leads to the next one, where the applicant has focused on the professional aspects.

Background (Applicant delves into his background and relates it to his aspirations)

I want to be a part of a progressive industry, honing fresh skills in accountancy, mastering new software and tools over the years. Although I wanted to pursue this course all these years, family obligations and financial issues posed to be a hurdle. Now that Iam all set to chase my dreams, I look forward to complete this course from a leading university in the UK. All these years, I have nurtured the passion to grow my competence in professional accountancy. Meanwhile, I decided to gain a specialized knowledge in accountancy and completed an SAP FI Certification. The course I am presently willing to pursue is closely connected to SAP. Besides, two of the modules, that are a part of the curriculum, would be delivered through SAP. I would significantly benefit from the professional practice, acquired through this course. Considering these aspects, I have decided to go for the advanced Master’s program.

In the second paragraph of the sample SOP for UK universities undergraduate, the candidate expresses his aspirations to integrate into an industry that would suit his goals. Apart from the traditional skills that an accountant should acquire, the candidate goes on to mention the software skills he would require. This reflects his research and relevance to the needs of the industry. In the competitive world, almost all industries involve the integration of software and advanced tools. The way this SOP for UK universities undergraduatecourse has been crafted resonates the insight of the writer. In the process, it spearheads the profile of the candidate.

Particularly, you must note how the writer has personalized this statement of purpose. Although the candidate had graduated almost a decade ago, he was unable to pursue the Master’s course due to certain reasons. In case you have a career or academic gap, you need to contextualize the matter and justify the same lucidly. This sample SOP for UK universities postgraduatecourse explains how you should align your goals, interests and academic path while chasing your career goals.

The statement of purpose also highlights the specific accomplishments of the candidate, in the form of SAP FI Certification. The writer clearly demonstrates how this certification would complement the efforts of the applicant while pursuing the advanced program.

Education (applicant talks about his academic backgrounds and achievements)

Knowledge acquisition has been a methodical process for me. Being a fervent learner, I have capitalized on every opportunity to gain skills relevant to my career. Apart from academics, I have consistently participated in extracurricular activities. I was a part of the badminton team in our college. Besides, I was involved in organizing our annual fest for three consecutive years. My grades speak for my dedication, and I bagged 87% and 93% marks, respectively in my 10th and 12th grades in 2005 and 2017, respectively.Next, I got myself admitted to the University of Delhi to pursue my B.Comdegree. After graduating in April 2008, I decided to pursue an MBA in Finance. In 2010, I completed this course from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, before integrating myself into the industry.

The next paragraph reflects the consistency of the applicant in chasing his professional goals. In this part of the SOP for UK universities postgraduate course, the applicant focuses on the academics. At the same time, the reader gets to know about his interest and participation in extracurricular activities. It is important to reflect the soft skills like leadership and management abilities. In this SOP, the writer has strategically incorporated the information to resonate all these traits.

The paragraph starts off with how the candidate perceives knowledge acquisition. It strengthens the image of the candidate, given that competition seems to be strong in the academic avenues. Next, the writer moves on to the academic aspects, grades, colleges and university. The paragraph winds off mentioning that the candidate has already been a part of the industry.

Experience (applicant speaks about his professional stints)

It was in September 2011 that I joined a company called Reflections Electricals as an Accounts Officer. Over the next seven years, I was involved with this organization in several profiles. I was promoted to the position of an Accounts Manager in 2014. Initially, I was responsible for receiving and processing invoices. Later, the company entrusted me with the responsibility of coordinating with clients and bank reconciliation. In October 2017, I got the opportunity to work as the Chief Accounts Manager at A.P. Infotech. Given that I already hold extensive professional experience, imbibing fresh skills would be a seamless experience for me. I am willing to align my knowledge and professional skills, as I pursue my professional goals.

For candidates applying for advanced courses, professional experience matters. The way you put forward your experience is equally important. Therefore, you need to be precise about the words you choose and the formatting. As you notice, this sample SOP for UK universities postgraduate course clearly states how the student transcended to greater career horizons over a span of ten years. It reflects the potential and tenacity of the candidate, and explains how he went about shouldering the responsibilities.

Although this paragraph encompasses the professional experience for more than 10 years, it is not too long. Here, the writer has diplomatically incorporated the information that would actually be necessary to crate an impact. The writer continues to inform the reader about the present profile. This justifies the reason for the candidate to apply for the new course at this point of time.

Future Goals

The Coventry University would be the right academic destination for me to pursue this program. I have researched on this institute, and its academic profile looks impressive. Professional associations like ACCA, ICAEW and CIMA have accredited this institution. This course will immensely help me develop a career as an SAP consultant. In the process, I will be able to diversify my profile, gaining valuable knowledge in international accounting. I also look forward to upskill myself from the managerial perspective. This will open up fresh avenues for me. In the coming years, I would like to operate in one of the leading MNCs in India, focusing on Accountancy.

This paragraph also carries a crucial information regarding the choice of institute. Regardless of where you apply, you need to explain in your SOP for UK universities postgraduate course why you are applying for a particular institution. This part involves significant research. As you see, the student has specified the accreditations of the university. In the process, he demonstrates valid reasons for completing the course from the specific institution. Apart from this, he explains how this course is likely to strengthen his career. It is important to express your career prospects. In this case, the candidate focuses on the managerial and administrative aspects of his profession. Therefore, the reader gets a lucid idea on where the candidate prefers to stand on completing the program.


I would particularly like to study in the UK, as it has a great academic environment. The degrees obtained from its universities are valued across the world. The learning experience would be valuable for me. In the process, I can eye greater professional pedestals. The advanced program from your revered university will leverage my career. I look forward to be a part of the privileged learning community in your university and deliver my best.

In the concluding paragraph, the focus lies on the importance to choose the UK as the academic destination. Here too, the applicant has focused on the value of the degree from the professional perspective. A researched approach works out the best, as evident from this SOP for UK universities postgraduate course. The finishing part focuses on the desire of the applicant to pursue the course from the targeted institute. However, the language is subtle and the writer has incorporated a proper pitch to express this aspiration. This makes the SOP sophisticated and impactful.

Check out our Sample SOP for UK universities.

SOP Samples for MBA in UK

We combine our well-researched approach with brilliantly planned strategies to add value to your statement of purpose for UK universities undergraduate. For all these years, we have abided by these principles and ensured top-notch quality in the output and that has immensely contributed to our current reputation as the leading provider of SOP for UK and any kind of Academic Writing Services

Statement of Purposes for UK Admission at BCW

The UK, without any doubt is one of the most-preferred higher education destinations for students from across the world. As such, all the students must have a compelling and engaging application if they need to win admission to the university and the course of their choice. In making the admission application a compelling and value-adding one, the role of a statement of purpose for UK student visa is really crucial.

However, writing an SOP for UK student visa is not an easy task. As the SOP is an important element that helps you secure the admission you dearly hope for, it has become extremely imperative that you get it written by someone who has proven themselves in the niche.

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Looking for a customised SOP?

Every international college or university has its own SOP writing guidelines and specifications. Similarly, no two SOPs are similar. Hence it will be useless to modify your friend’s SOP format to develop one on your own. A well-written statement of purpose will strike an instant chord with the reader and attract positive response. It is therefore advisable to seek help from the writing experts so that you don’t hamper the chances of getting an admission in your dream institution. Trust BCW to fulfil all your writing requirements. Contact us here.

How is an SOP for UK Different From Other SOPs?

SOP for each country and program is different. When you write a statement of purpose for UK, it is important to know how it is different from other SOPs. Take a look at the differences. 

Picture of Anto Francis

Anto Francis

Anto Francis is an academic writer with about a decade of experience behind him. Before becoming a full-time writer with us, he worked as an English Language Instructor in the Republic of Maldives. During the tenure he had helped thousands of students globally with a wide array of documents including SOP, LOR, personal statement, motivation letter and admission essays.


If you have already written your SOP and suspect that it is not up to the mark, you must validate it against the following criteria: does it covers all relevant areas about you, has it a good introduction and conclusion, is it engaging to read, does it have a recognised format and structure, are sentences and paragraphs coherent, and does it contain any mistakes: spelling, grammar or facts related. If any of these criteria is not met, you should think of revamping it. We can help you polish up your average SOP and transform it to an impressive statement of purpose for uk universities.

When it comes to the selection of format to use in your SOP, it’s important to verify whether your college or university has given any specific format to use in the essay. You should be using the format given by the institute. If there is no mention about the format in the guidelines, you can use any standard SOP format for UK universities. 

Since SOP is a decisive factor in a student’s admission to a university, writing the best SOP is an inevitability rather than a choice. First of all, go through the university guidelines carefully and write your essay. Do not deviate from the questions asked or the important areas that should be addressed in the essay. Proofread the essay several times and edit it carefully. When you do it, be sure to eliminate typos, grammar errors and factual disagreements. 

SOP enables you to talk directly to the university admission panel. It gives you a chance to raise your concerns, justify the negative areas of your profile with your reasons, express your future plans and goals etc. No other documents will grant you the freedom and space to talk about these areas.  For the admission panel, statement of purpose for uk student visa is a document that helps them select the right candidate to their institute because it is practically impossible for them to pick suitable candidates from among hundreds of applicants with similar academic grades and IELTS scores. SOP enables you to talk directly to the university admission panel. It gives you a chance to raise your concerns, justify the negative areas of your profile with your reasons, express your future plans and goals etc. No other documents will grant you the freedom and space to talk about these areas.  For the admission panel, statement of purpose for uk student visa is a document that helps them select the right candidate to their institute because it is practically impossible for them to pick suitable candidates from among hundreds of applicants with similar academic grades and IELTS scores. 

It is okay to write between 1000 and 1500 words in your SOP if no specific guidelines regarding the word count are given by the university or college you have found. Many of our winning sop for uk universities sample range between this limit.

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