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Article Writing Services: Offering Credibility to Your Professional Aspirations

Articles strategically suffused with targeted keywords help your site acquire the top slots in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Rankings.

Avail our article writing services in India and effortlessly attract loads of qualified traffic to your business page.

Sustaining a professional venture in present competitive times is a tough task. You need to retain the loyalty of existing customers whereas continuously convert leads into clients. Article, optimized for search engine, can be an effective tool to help you strengthen your market foothold. Our SEO article writer, India helps you gain that invincible edge which will keep you ahead of adversaries in the niche segment.

Good content in your website, integrated with latest SEO strategies, will take you to new heights in digital marketing. We, with our years of experience in offering best article writing services, can contribute towards your success as we deal every project with precision and perfection. Whether it is blog writing or copywriting articles or social media content, we have writers with supreme knowledge to provide you with the best services. 

Articles that inform readers and make them commit to your brand

Our article writing services and other content writing services in India cater to your exclusive article related needs. Each article is assigned a unique writer who attends exclusively to it. We pride in our best in breed fleet of SEO article writer India who possesses through knowledge of the prevailing scenario.

We never claim to be a really cheap article writing service India. However, with a combined experience of more than 2 decades, we are definitely one of the most preferred article writing sites in India. We have housed only the best article writers post strategic recruitment processes and trainings, who are skilled in creating amazing contents for varied niches. Each of them are fortified with best tools including CopyScape Premium for assuring quality and originality in every piece written.

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People who hired our content and article writing services once have always returned to us for their next works for reasons like affordability, timely delivery and superior quality in the content. In digital marketing arena, time is the most precious commodity. We understand that more than our clients do. So we ensure that we boast of as the best article writing services in India are truly so for each of our customers. Whether you want to prioritize on creative content or promotional content, our seo article writing services help integrate the latest SEO strategies into your content so as to harvest optimum benefits from digital marketing.

Salient features of our article writing services:

  • Professional writers with degrees in creative writing under their belts
  • High quality and persuasive content
  • Informative articles of any length as well as article writing on social media
  • Informative articles of any length
  • Simple, easy to understand language with no tough jargons that distract readers
  • Written with demographic quotients (age, location, gender, income level, academic level, marital status, occupation, ethnic backdrop) in mind
  • All psychographic impacts like temperament of the readers, attitudinal preferences, values, interests, lifestyle etc. factored in
  • Compatible with the requirements of article directories
  • Copywriting articles with impeccable quality and sales pitch
  • Each article uniquely tweaked to match the format preference of submission directory
  • Top notch SEO article writing services with a special focus on digital marketing.
  • Double proofreading of the article by expert writer before forwarding to client
  • Search engine optimized articles for maximum jump in SERP ranking

We are not an agency but a bunch of motivated professionals who wish to see the clients experience success in all their online promotional endeavours.

How we tailor content to our clients?

Majority of the clients who approach us for content to their websites do not necessarily have any idea about the type of content that they would actually need. We collect from them details such as business concept and target audience. We will then look into key elements such as what sort of content would benefit the client most and suggest our findings and propose the most appropriate content and article writing services to them. Once we have the green signal from the client, we will assign the project to an experienced article writer with a niche in the client’s business concept to prepare the content. 

Bringing maximum traffic to the website is the core intention of preparing SEO article. Hence our article writers approach each assignment with extreme care in topic selection as well as content development.

Avail top notch writing at affordable prices: Cheap yet best

Our rates are lowest in the industry. We have flexible charges whose pricing structures have been strategically designed to meet your budget and needs. Even after delivery of the articles, we would be in touch with you to accommodate any last minute change. The driving force behind our business writers is the ambition to offer you optimum value for your trust on us. Individuals or company, we pay equal attention to each and every project.

Frequently Asked Questions on Article Writing services

1. How much does it cost to have an article written?

When you look for the best article writing services, it’s usual to have concerns about the price you will be charged. It depends on a few factors like the length, concept, requirement deadline, and so on. We will be able to give you the exact quote once you tell us your requirement.

2. How do you conclude an article?

The conclusion of an article plays a significant role in its overall appeal. We will not only provide you with cheap article writing services, but also integrate superior quality in them. When we write articles for you, we will make sure that it gets a proper conclusion just like all other parts. We will end by giving a brief summation of the major points discussed with a compelling call to action.

3. How many types of article writing are there?

At BCW, we do offer all types of article writing services such as 

  • SEO article writing services
  • Copywriting articles
  • Article writing on social media

When it comes to the style of articles writing, these are the common ones. 

  • Expository writing 
  • Narrative writing 
  • Descriptive writing 
  • Persuasive writing 
  • Argumentative writing

4. How many paragraphs should I write in an article?

There is no strict rule like an article should have certain number of paragraphs. However, the minimum number of paragraphs can be three – introduction, main body and conclusion. The main body can be divided into multiple paragraphs, each focusing on one particular point or theme. 

5. Should articles be written in formal tone?

The main difference between an article and a blog is that the former is written in a rather formal tone and often from a third person point of view. On the other hand, a blog is written in informal tone and usually in first person point of view. In order to ensure readability and retain the readers’ attention, particularly when you do article writing on social media, it’s recommended to integrate friendly and narrative tone in article writing. 

6. What is the difference between article writing and content writing?

Article writing is just one process involved in the larger concept of content writing. Content writing involves planning, developing, writing, proofreading and editing content for various purposes. In today’s context, it’s mostly done for digital marketing purposes. A content writer may be required to write articles, blogs, web content, social media content, copywriting content and many more. On the other hand, an article writer only writes article though it could vary in nature like SEO article writing services or similar content and article writing services. 

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