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Letter of reference/recommendation is an important document sought my many academic institutions and employers to ensure that the candidate being hired has the desired personal and professional qualities. As such, it becomes decisively important that it is written by a professional LOR writing agency that has years of experience and exposure offering flawless reference letter services in India.

1. We are a professional LOR writing agency in India which can meet all your requirements.

2. As an experienced and outstanding character reference letter writing company, we understand what the clients need at all times.

3. Our experience has taught us exactly what the academic institutions and employers would look for in a reference letter.

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Our authentic knowledge in the field enables us to craft uniquely conceived, structured and value-adding letters of recommendation.

We craft reference letter that is based on the academic and personal competence of the individual.

In addition to shedding lights on the capabilities of a person, we assert why the person is the most appropriate for the position he/she is being recommended for.

Why BCW is the best LOR writing services provided in India?

Over the years, BCW has supported numerous students get excellent LORs that played crucial roles in helping them get admission to their desired universities and courses. The impeccably experienced writers and editorial teams always work in tandem with the needs of our clients to ensure that each and every LOR they create becomes extremely unique and an impressive account of the students’ academic and extracurricular escapades. As we want to warrant maximum support to the students through our LOR writing services, we never flinch away from going the extra mile as and when required. With our team, your academic and career aspirations are safer than ever.

We attained our reputation as the best letter of recommendation writing service in India by offering quality services steadfastly to our customers. We understand that you are entrusting with us your most crucial document for admission. We return that trust by providing you with the best recommendation letter.

Our LOR Writing Services

Applying for master in a foreign university requires a strong reference letter that supports all your claims.

The personal character of a student needs to be attested by reliable authority through a strong letter of recommendation

We craft letter of recommendation for all courses and institutes and to be attested by concerned faculties of your former institute.

Strong and convincing letter of recommendation for all types of internship programs are crafted by our experienced writers.

No matter which job you are applying for, we have professional writers to craft amazing job recommendation letter for the specific position.

Our experienced LOR writers craft recommendation letter for all companies, both local and multinational.

To climb the career ladder is the dream of all employees. We write meaningful LOR that sets you go.

We create strong LOR for business professionals for all their different purposes.

Get placed anywhere in the world into highly rewarding healthcare fields with our amazing letter of recommendation. 

LOR for Doctors by our experienced professionals to explore new dimensions of your profession.

LOR is a document that enables the selection officers to have a clear picture about your character.

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Our LOR Writing Service Qualities

As a pioneer player in the industry offering a diverse LOR writing company in India, we are endowed with;
  • Exemplary levels of writing quality
  • Writers having years of experience and academic qualifications
  • Unique and exclusively created LORs for each client
  • Unique and approved LOR writing style
  • Affordable and economic service plans for maximum client support
  • Timely client support for uncompromised service deliverance

Get your candidature endorsed by people of authority in convincing, persuasive and assertive tone with credible letters of references carrying recommendations for you and crafted by us in potent manner.

The best recommendation letter that we create for you will maintain a clear balance: neither overly positive nor disapproving you. It will maintain a fine line between the both, assuring you the highest chances of acceptance. Our trained LOR writers don’t use any template to craft your letter. It is totally original and free from mistakes.


What is the need of LOR Writing Service

While SOP acts as tool for you to sell yourself to the selection officers, LOR works as an official approval of you from a trustable body. Needless to say, how important both of these documents are for the admission of a student to a foreign institution. It’s always important to aim for a good reference letter, even if it takes you more time.


Academic LOR

Academic LORs are needed by students who look for admissions in top colleges and universities. It is supposed to be crafted and endorsed by any responsible faculty from the previous institution of the student. Teachers, school administrators, guidance counsellors, club organizers etc are reliable sources who can attest a student’s character, skills and achievements. The letter must underscore the student’s qualification and should explain how long the attesting person associated with him or her.

Professional LOR

They are used by professionals when they apply for job promotions and job changes. Writing a professional letter of recommendation can be done by a team leader or a colleague or a supervisor of the company. Professional LOR has got a very significant role in helping an employee to secure a coveted position in another organization.  The letter needs to be customized in accordance with the actual purpose of it

Important Tips to Keep in Your Mind While Writing an LOR

Not matter if you are trying to get admission from a venerated university, trying to get a job or a promotion, letter of recommendations hold high value in the eyes of selectors and recruiters. Since letter of recommendations are supposed to present better light at the performance and overall personality of the candidates, knowing how to write a letter of recommendation is highly important.

If you think about it, most of the people you want to write your letter of recommendation are too busy to do it. As such, mostly you need to get it written yourself and get the vote of approval from them.

In such a scheme, you must know how to write a letter of recommendation that can provide greater details to your unique

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professional and personal characteristics. It is a job easier said than done and hence we bring you these important tips on how to write a letter of recommendation that we rely on when are writing them ourselves.

Let us begin;

Understand the purpose of LOR and write accordingly

There could be a myriad of LORs that a person needs and the first thing you need to keep in mind while thinking how to write a letter of recommendation is that why it is written in the first place. Once you understand this, incorporate the ideas and instances naturally so that everything feeds to the ‘why’ of the letter of recommendation.

A strong sense of professionalism

Since letter of recommendations are written by people in certain respectable positions, it is always expected that they are highly professional—the language, the way ideas are expressed and the overall tone of the letter. This is the first thing you must learn while trying to figure out how to write a letter of recommendation. If you are able to figure that part out, you will have done half of the job. However, this the hardest part of writing a letter of recommendation and we know it as we have written numerous letter of recommendation for a range of purpose many a times.

Tweak the LOR multiple times

No matter what you are drafting your LOR for; if you get a chance to tweak it, you must always do it. Regardless of the care you take while writing one, there is always room to improve what you have written. Reading your LOR after writing the same is a good habit to get into since that can give you better flow of thoughts and ideas so that the quality and value of the LOR can increase with each editing.

Taking care of these aspects will always ensure that you certainly come up with the best letter of recommendation that will serve your purpose well.

However, if you are still not in the book, we suggest you seek help from a professional LOR writer in the market like us. We have years of experience and some of the best writers who have profound knowledge in how to write a letter of recommendation.

If you need to know more about our academic writing team, send a mail to us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many days in advance should you give someone the task of writing the LOR?

    Whether you request your LOR from a professor from your previous institute or your previous employer, you must ensure that he has enough time for writing a professional letter of recommendation for you. More than just the endorsement of your skills, LOR shows the integrity of the endorser. So, he needs time to look into your profile in detail. If an LOR proved to be factually incorrect later on, it will affect not only you but also the one who signed it. Hence, it is important to give at least two to three weeks’ time for writing a reference letter. If you are hiring our professional LOR writers, you can expect to receive the completed file within five working days. 

    How to begin a good letter of recommendation?

    The introduction of the LOR should reveal who is writing it and who the writer is recommending through the letter. Also, details like how long and under what capacity the writer knows the student must be mentioned.

    What is the ideal length for an LOR?

    Experts at our letter of recommendation writing services suggest that it is advisable to maintain the LOR length to one page or 500 words

    Should one submit a letter of recommendation along with his resume?

    When you apply for a job change or promotion to a new page, the two most essential documents that the HR team will want to know from you are your resume and letter of recommendation.

    How many letters of recommendation do you need to submit when you apply for a college admission?

    It depends on the college where you are applying. Usually, you will be needed to submit two to three LORs. 

    What do employers want to see in the letters of recommendation of their applicants?

    Employers would ask LOR from the job applicants because they want to know how they (the applicants) are evaluated by their previous company on their potential, character, contribution, consistency, dependability and strengths/skills. So, as a job applicant, it is important to get ready with the best recommendation letter for your job interview.

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