Letter of Recommendation for Student

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

Whether you are a student trying to write the best letter of recommendation for your college or choose the most suitable format for the letter, we are here to help.

For more than a decade, we have been writing student recommendation letters for aspiring students and professionals from diverse verticals wanting to grow in their careers. As such, whether you want the letter of recommendation for a job, college application or for an internship, we have got you covered.


With our help you can say goodbye to all the concerns in your mind such as;

No matter what your concerns are, leveraging our experience in the field for more than a decade, we can help you. And, we can do that all at top-notch quality and affordable prices.

recommendation writing service for student

How can we help you with your student letter of recommendation requirements

We understand that the spectrum of student recommendation letter writing is a broad one that has numerous sub-areas to cover.  Over the last decade, we have catered to all such areas making us one of the best in the field.

As such, we have become one of the most comprehensive student recommendation letter writing companies in the field that can match any and all needs of the clients when it comes to writing an assertive, engaging and focused student recommendation letter.

Letter of Recommendation for Student

With us, you will be able to get all-inclusive help that ranges through the following;

It is no use to rely on your friend or associate’s LOR format to develop one of your own. Just like how two resumes are different from each other, same way no two recommendation letters are similar. While applying for a college admission, it is important to submit an impressive and unique letter of recommendation. The tone and structure are much sophisticated when compared to other types of admission related letters. In order to avoid confusion and errors, it will be thus best to assign the writing task to professional content writers. If you are particular about quality, then hire BCW’s professional content writing services.

You can surely depend on these tips to write an incredible letter of recommendation to come up with an intelligently drafted letter of recommendation. If you still are not convinced how to write a letter of recommendation for a student, you can rely on professionals like us.

Our team has adequate experience in developing quality and engaging contents for a recommendation letter, as per client’s purpose and requirement.</p>

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5 important tips to how to write a recommendaiton letter for friend

What makes us the best in the business of writing student recommendation letter writing?

Undoubtedly, our experience in writing recommendation letters for a myriad of purposes is what helps us become one of the most sought-after recommendation letter writing services providers in the field.

Our experience in the field has helped us leverage a variety of service traits in the best way possible to offer a complete package of student endorsement writing services to all our clients no matter what they need.

Over the last few years, we have helped students who sought admission to a bevy of institutes from the following countries

While these are the major countries that we have developed student recommendation letters in the best format and template for, we are also skilled and positioned to offer any support that the clients need.

In doing so, we have been immensely helped by our unique service values as given below.

Profound understanding and knowledge of the field

We know the domain inside out and this helps us cater to even the most challenging and stringent of requirements of our clients. We leverage our expertise in the field in the most suitable of ways to render the best and most effective recommendation letters that get the job

Matchless quality of the services

As a lot that is obsessed with comprehensive quality, we have a multi-staged system that ensures impeccable quality with each recommendation letter being written. Each of the recommendation letters that we write for the student is checked and reviewed thoroughly to ensure that the quality is excellent.

A team of experienced writers

We always source our writers after thorough processes to make sure that they are skilled, qualified and have adept in catering to the needs of the clients. This team of writers is given tremendous training in various types of writing to make sure that the services we render are top-notch and value-adding.

Multiple and Customized Services

Since we have diverse clients, we have also made our service plans equally diverse. This helps us ensure that we can offer our clients with bespoke and customized as per the requirements of the clients effective. This is one of the reasons we have a range of clients that return and refer us to other prospects, too.

Excellent Customer Support

Since we always want to support our clients with all their queries and concerns regarding the project, we have established a strong and professional customer support team that will see to it that the clients are satisfied with the services that we offer. Our client care team is available to support the clients before, during and after the project.

All of these unique traits of our service deliverance help us make sure that each of our clients is supported exactly as they need us to. Since we have a comprehensive approach with our student recommendation writing services, we are able to constantly meet and often exceed the expectation of our students with respect to the quality of the student recommendation letter and the format and template that we choose.

Picture of Anto Francis

Anto Francis

Anto Francis is an academic writer with about a decade of experience behind him. Before becoming a full-time writer with us, he worked as an English Language Instructor in the Republic of Maldives. During the tenure he had helped thousands of students globally with a wide array of documents including SOP, LOR, personal statement, motivation letter and admission essays.

Our Recommendation Writing Services
LOR for MS

Applying for master in a foreign university requires a strong reference letter that supports all your claims.

LOR for Student

The personal character of a student needs to be attested by reliable authority through a strong letter of recommendation

LOR for College

We craft letter of recommendation for all courses and institutes and to be attested by concerned faculties of your former institute.

LOR for Internship

Strong and convincing letter of recommendation for all types of internship programs are crafted by our experienced writers.

LOR for Job

No matter which job you are applying for, we have professional writers to craft amazing job recommendation letter for the specific position.

LOR for Company

Our experienced LOR writers craft recommendation letter for all companies, both local and multinational.

LOR for Employee

To climb the career ladder is the dream of all employees. We write meaningful LOR that sets you go.

LOR for Business

We create strong LOR for business professionals for all their different purposes.

LOR for Doctor

LOR for Doctors by our experienced professionals to explore new dimensions of your profession.

LOR for Nursing

Our experienced LOR writers craft recommendation letter fo rnursing, both medical and science students.

Character LOR

LOR is a document that enables the selection officers to have a clear picture about your character.

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Letter of Recommendation for Student

Since a student letter of recommendation can have considerable value in an admission, internship and job application, it is always important that you get the best and more assertive recommendation letter.

If you want the best student letter of recommendation in a befitting format and template as per the sample recommendation letter you have with you, we are the right people to help you.

We have an extensive and client-centric approach that we adopt while writing the student recommendation letter for any purpose. We would love to work on your project.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

A recommendation letter is one of the most common documents needed by a student for a range of purposes. It could be for a job, an admission or even a scholarship or internship.

As such, one can say without any doubt that a recommendation letter for a student can at times decide the life of a student. Due to the same importance it has in the life of a student, it is important to know how to write a letter of recommendation for students.

Having written numerous letters of recommendations over the years for a number of students, we know how to write a letter of recommendation for a student that can win their ultimate aspiration.

Keeping this in our mind, we bring a few of the most important tips that we follow while writing a letter of recommendation for a student : 

Keep it simple

One of the mistakes that many students make while writing a letter of recommendation is that they overcomplicate things, and doing so can affect your prospects. Hence, it is important that you keep things very simple.

Include details about your extracurricular details

What makes a letter of recommendation of student unique from the rest is definitely the experience that a student undergoes. Extracurricular activities take a lot of importance in this aspect and hence, it must be explained carefully.

Ensure there is a narrative structure

No matter what you write, it must be interesting for the reader to understand the same. In order for this to happen, you need to make sure that the letter of recommendation has a strong narrative structure that complements all the ideas expressed in the same.

Avoid being too formal

Another pitfall that letters of recommendations written by students fall in is being too formal. Since a letter of recommendation is a document that explains why a student is fit for a role or scholarship or program, it must maintain a personal tone at all times.

Have a definite conclusion

Since a letter of recommendation is a document recommending a student, it must always a definitely have a conclusion stating how the student is worthy of the admission or the scholarship or the job. This will sum up all the experiences that have been given as evidence of the students’ impeccable track record. This will surely conclude the letter in a positive note.

If you would like to share the details of your project and want to learn more about our offerings, we would love to hear from you.

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