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Looking for SEO content services India that you can trust for the long term? With over a decade of stronghold and experience in digital marketing, SEO and SEO friendly content writing, BCW ticks all checkboxes you have.

We will understand what your brand lacks before taking up the project, and suggest the right SEO content strategy to take off your project.

By writing content that solves your customers concerns, we will help you generate more sales leads in your digital marketing efforts.

Know These Benefits of Having Top-notch SEO Content

Satisfied the audience

Only through engaging content, you can succeed in digital marketing campaigns. We make sure in every content project we deliver that it satisfies the audience.

Supports backlinking

You need to have a good backlink velocity. Not only that, every link that points to your site need to be from relevant and authoritative sites. For this, quality content is a must.

Attracts search engine bots

If your content has to be crawled by Search engines, listed in their indexes and appeared in human searches, it must meet certain criteria. Our in-depth SEO knowledge enables us to do that.

Optimizes for social media

We provide SEO based content writing in India that has the potential to go viral on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This can make your brand more popular among your targets.

How Do We Deliver SEO Friendly Content Writing? Our Writing Process

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Market Study

After you share your SEO requirements with us, we will research about your business, market presence, competitors, target geographic location etc. We use these insights in the content making process.

Keyword selection

To make your content reach the right audience, it is important to use the right keywords. We will finalize your keywords using our deep insights and advanced premium keyword tools.

Writing SEO friendly content

In the third phase, we will start the writing process. We incorporate relevant SEO strategies like organic keyword insertion, use of meta description and hyperlinks to ensure that the content is optimized.

Delivery of content on time

We will deliver you the finished content on time as promised at the time of order placement. The content you receive comes after plagiarism testing, and QA testing by our experts.

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Our Diverse Portfolio of SEO Content Writing Services in India

We are a one-stop-shop for all types of SEO writing services. Here are some of our most frequently ordered services.

Press release writing

Our dedicated wing for press release writing will understand your company updates and make informative content.

SEO blog writing services

We write superior quality and engaging blogs for your websites to help attract more visitors to your site.

Article Writing

We make informative articles that are both engaging and SEO friendly. A good article boosts your brand’s authenticity.

Product description

Our product descriptions service aims to write content that provides features, mode of operation and highlights of a product.

Social media posts

Social media posts need to be concise and should have the potential to go viral so that your brand gets known.

Web copywriting

Catchy and captivating content on the website will trigger visitors action faster than usual content.

Service pages

We understand all the services your brand offers and convert them into useful information to publish on your website’s service pages.

Top Locations Where Our SEO Content Writers Are Number One


All our services are available online and can be ordered from anywhere in the world. The following are the top locations where we have a strong market presence and the goodwill as the number one SEO content writing services provider.

Well-conceived SEO strategy

We write your content basing proven and updated SEO strategy that yields maximum benefit.

Highly skilled writers

We have the best SEO content writers India with in-depth SEO knowledge and creative writing skills to write your copies as per your unique requirements.

Free consultation

If you do not know how to start SEO for your website content, we will provide free consultation to help you get started.

Satisfied customers

Ask our customers and you will only hear them say good about our services. Because our priority is always to satisfy them.

Extensive experience

We have over a decade of experience in SEO content writing. We know how to improvise your content for the context.

Why choose BCW?

Engage Us for High and Long-Term Return on Investment (ROI)

Once you decide to engager us for your content, your roadmap to success become ours. We assist you in reaching your success milestones by providing you with the right and best online content.

For any assistance or book a free consultation with our experts, get in touch with us.


An SEO content writer has in-depth knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). He analyses your website to understand its SEO potential/scope and write content that passes search engine algorithm and gets crawled and indexed quickly in Google’s search database.

SEO strategy is a futuristic plan of execution for writing content and implementing SEO for a website. The strategy would consist of frequently monitoring a website’s SEO health, backlinks, search rankings and getting updated with keyword trends.

Digital marketing is the most effective method today for brand building. SEO content writing is one of the first step in establishing a strong online presence. When you hire our SEO content writing agency to write content for your website, our experts from will analyze your website, conceive an SEO strategy and executive the right steps to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

It depends on several factors such as your website, target audience, target geography, business concept, type of SEO content you want to focus on, volume of content etc. Contact us today and tell us your requirements or book free consultation with our SEO content writer India. We will be able to give you the estimated cost.

SEO content writing consists of different types of content. It requires analyzing your website, type of product and service you want to sell, and the nature of customers you want to target in order to determine what type of content works best for your SEO efforts. Some of the most popular SEO content types include blogs, articles, how-to-guides, guest blogs and website content.

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