Product Description Writing: The Balancing Act of Being Informative and Promotional

Product Description Writing: The Balancing Act of Being Informative and Promotional

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Product Description Writing

There is no doubt that product description is not just about offering information about a product. Of course, it is as much that as it is a promotional content.

As more businesses have been actively indulging in e-commerce businesses in the recent past, the need for adequate, crisp and catchy product description has been on the rise as well. Adding to the same is the fierce competition in the field brewing faster rates than a business can handle.

Therefore, it became increasingly imperative for a businesses to present its products and services with excellent product description

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that can not only help them provide comprehensive understanding other products and its benefits to surfers but also rank higher in the search engine pages. As an experienced and creative product description writing company, BCW has been on the forefront of offering some of the most creatively realized product description for companies in a myriad of business verticals.

Take a look at them below:

Learn About Your Buyer Persona Before You Even Begin Writing

There always is a unique buyer persona that a product is aimed at. Only if you are able to satisfy the requirements of this particular buyer persona, can you improve the sales and the prospects of your product. In order to create effective product descriptions that match the buyer persona, you need to first understand them thoroughly.

Therefore, it is important for you to carry out the required researches to understand nature and expectations of the people who the product is directed at. Over the course of our experiences of writing product descriptions for clients across diverse industry sectors, we have always tried to create the best product descriptions that address the concerns of the target audience in the most effective of ways.

Such a unique and client-centric approach has helped us become one of the most preferred product description writing services providers in the market.

Being in this content writing profession for long, BCW understands the requirement of different businesses and entities. Our vast industry knowledge and expertise enable us to blend creative wordings with effective marketing techniques to develop attractive product descriptions as per clients’ specifications and respective company’s nature.

We always strive to make unique and customised contents for each and every client and organisation approaching us. To know how our product description writing services can help your business to grow, contact us here.

    Focus on the benefits and features of the products, and explain

    When writing a product description,explicatethe visitors on how the features of the product can help them better rather than pointing out the features of a product. Including the benefits of the products in the description can surely influence the buyers’ decision more effectively than merely writing about the features of the product.

    For example Grammarly says that it helps writers address their grammar mistakes quickly than justsaying that it has a grammar-check feature. As uses can relate to the former more effectively than to the latter, they are likely to buy or subscribe for the services of Grammarly.

    Therefore, it is really important that you explain in a description the benefits that the product can bring for the user if you would like to improve the sales of your product.As a professional product description biting services, BCW has been following this tip even from the early stages of our beginning. This has helped us become one of the most to preferred and best business writing companies in the market.

    Make the description possible to be scanned and skimmed

    Everyone he is busy even when they are on the internet; they are impatient to read every single sentence of the description that you write for your product. Over the course of our experience as a product description writingagency, we have long understood this immensely.

    As such we always created product descriptions with, whenever possible, the capability of being skimmed and scanned. We have also used bulleted points to convey the details of the products through description making it easier for the users to skim through the description and to make the decision.

    However, this is not an easy task to carry out since it’s not possible with every product description to be written in bullet points.

    Use adequate influential words to improve the persuasive s of the description

    One of the easiest ways to influence usersthrough your product description is to effectively utilize some of the influential words such as revolutionary, sensational, suddenly, hurry and introducing along with others actively across your product to descriptions.

    Most of these influential words can create a sense of urgency in the user and persuade them effectively to make the decision of purchase immediately.

    It must always be kept mind that it is with the intent to purchase that a user usually searches for a product online. Using these words intelligently on your description can assist you capitalize on this need of the user and sway them to make the purchase.

    Provide all the details of the product

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    When writing the description of a product or service on your page, it is really essential that you present all the details of the product through the description. Since people may be looking for a particular feature that your product has and if you do not include them in your description, the chances are high that you will not convert that the user even though your product met his or her expectations. As such it is very important that you include all the details of your product on the description.

    Having realised this over the course of our professional experience as a professional product description writing company, we always drive complete information from the client to come up with comprehensive description for the product no matter what niche the product belongs to.

    Always optimize the description for search engines

    One of the most centralrequisites of selling online is having your pages rank on the first search engine page. Therefore it is crucial that you utilize the description adequately to also impress the search engines along with impressing your visitors. Your site will certainly do well naturally if you incorporate certain key phrases in the product description so as to increase the visibility of the product to the search engines and to increase the footfalls to webpage.

    We strive to understand the most important key words that can be naturally fitted into these descriptions and integrate them naturally so as to increase the SEO value of the page.


    Over the course of our professional experiences that spans over a decade, we have ensured that each product description that we develop is able to persuade the customer to make their purchasing decision and convert them.

    It has to be kept in mind that developinga product description is an art andaproduct description writer must put his/her heart and creative indulgences into this so as to come up with exceptional creative product description writing that sell and convert.

    However, it is not a rocket science either; if you are able to follow some of the most basic aspects of writing a product description as given above you can certainly come up with impressive and convincing product description for your products like we do with our clients.

    If you, however, need a professional team of experienced product description writers to help you with your product description writing needs, we would love to help you as well.