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SOP for MBA with Engineering Background

sop for engineering marketing

No matter what major you took for your engineering program, it is highly imperative that you develop adequate managerial skills and insights if you want to grow in your career to dynamic managerial and leadership positions. The trend of engineering graduates seeking admission to MBA programs has been going for a while. As such, if […]

Sample sop for canada

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a summary of your key motivations, important life events, prime academic and professional accomplishments as well as other vital aspects. The admission granting committee of an educational institution scrutinizes them for judging your eligibility. Also, you would need SOP for securing study visa to the country [...]

SOP for Canada Study Visa

SOP For Student Visa Canada is the host to many elite universities which are highly ranked in global listing of best academic institutions. Pursuing a degree of your choice from any of these would offer your credentials a heft which no potential recruiter can deny. If you are interested in enrolling yourself for higher studies [...]

Translation services – English – Malayalam

When you think of increasing your business to the English-speaking global teams, you search out for a trusted and best malayalam to english translator online. Coming to business side, interpretation is a major part you need to follow. Small firms occurring from regional areas in south India to global and international platforms are professionally in […]

How to Write SOP for MS

As you aspire to scale the heights of academics, the criteria and difficulty for getting admission can only get stricter. The mode advanced the course become, the stricter admission criteria becomes. This puts a different spin on the idea of writing an SOP for MS. In addition, if you have no idea how to write […]

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